the love parcel


Please Tell Me

Please tell me is my third (and longest at 53 pages), zine now available with limited time free U.S. shipping. 

In early February 2014, I posted a classified ad in the romance section of Craigslist saying:

"Please Tell Me…

In a paragraph or more—

How would you make me fall in love with you?
What would you do?
What would you say? 
How long would it take?”

This was posted in several major cities including Baltimore, D.C., Philly, Austin, San Francisco, Charlotte, Vancouver, Rome, London, Paris, Richmond, and Montreal.

I really wanted to know how strangers would respond to these particular questions.

I was also interested in what guys thought the modern day female wants.

(I also posted it to where I asked females but none responded. Kind of interesting.)

I was really surprised by the massive amount of (real) responses I received. I honestly didn’t expect anyone to take it seriously because it’s Craigslist and I sat and waited for an inbox full of creepy sexual advances. But! Within the hour I probably had over a hundred (real) responses! Most answered the questions I had asked and told me why I would FOR SURE fall in love with them within seconds of meeting of them. The ones that surprised me though, were the ones urging me NOT to go out with anyone who could come up with an answer to these questions. I also received quite a few book and music recommendations (some included in the zine). We are truly living in a digital age.

I think it’s incredibly important to know that in life, people will make you promises. There will always be people telling you how to feel because society dictates what is an “appropriate” response to so many given situations. Don’t give in to that. Don’t go for the person who tells you that they will care for you everyday. Find the one who never utters the words but is ACTUALLY there for you every damn day. Stop settling for empty words.