Sunday zine party with….myself. And these flowers before they experience death by cat.

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This is, in my mind, everything I want in a journal.

Hand stitched leather case.

Hand made mixed paper journal - blank pages, lined pages, grid pages, transparent pages, book pages, foreign pages, illustrated pages, & more.

Extra pocket for goodies (comes with 1 vintage slide of someplace else to dream about, 5 stamps, 1 lamb tag, 1 paper doily)

Roughly wallet size (4 x 2.5) so it can even just be carried in your pocket (you know, for your long hiking adventures)

And only $28 (which is a steal for something leather and handmade)

1 is ready to be shipped. If it’s sold out, there’s a made to order option!

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Packaging orders tonight! Literally an all day ordeal. Thank you so much everyone!!

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I think the amazing thing about human beings is our perseverance in the attempt to save what is impossible to capture and to hold—  a feeling. Sure, we collect things based solely on aesthetic value from time to time but it’s memories that we treasure most. Times lived that we don’t want to ever forget. I won’t lie, I’m probably one of the most nostalgic people I know. Almost to a fault. I would give everything I own to relive certain moments in my past over again. Some people have called this “charming”, but for the most part, it’s a little painful.

About a year ago, I began collecting my favorite memories and my most precious feelings in jars. Four jars filled in a year’s time may not seem like a lot…

But for me

I would run out of fingers counting the years in my life where I would have had zero jars filled.

This is an accomplishment.

And today I feel good.

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