the love parcel

A treasure trading project.
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  • ***For people wondering if my cat only has one eye because of the winking photo. He has both!***

    I absolutely love your Warby Parker glasses. Which pair are they, if you don't mind me asking? They look really good on you! :]

    Aw, thank you! It took 3 home trials over the course of 2 years to find them! They are the Durandย in Saddle Russet (top):

    The Saddle Russet was actually unavailable for the home try so I tried on the Woodland Tortoise (bottom one) and then took a chance by just going ahead and ordering them in the color I wanted. I was worried that the red would be too red but it’s actually really subtle and pretty (looks redder in the sun but brown indoors). The Woodland Tortoise was pretty too but a lot more yellow in person with a little bit of tortoise coloring and the yellow didn’t look nice with my skin tone. I highly recommend trying it! It’s perfect if you want the oversized look but have a more heart shaped face (round cheeks)!


    Iโ€™ve had a few submissions already and would love to see some more!

    Iโ€™d really appreciate your help in spreading the word of this project :)

    Thank you for your support and I look forward to some more submissions,


    (Thank you Nic for making this lovely poster)

    Surprise camping trip for my lover’s birthday this past weekend.

    omg you're really beautiful

    Asked by Anonymous

    It’s so easy to not feel it. Thank you so much.

    Sunday zine party withโ€ฆ.myself. And these flowers before they experience death by cat.

    This is, in my mind, everything I want in a journal.

    Hand stitched leather case.

    Hand made mixed paper journal - blank pages, lined pages, grid pages, transparent pages, book pages, foreign pages, illustrated pages, & more.

    Extra pocket for goodies (comes with 1 vintage slide of someplace else to dream about, 5 stamps, 1 lamb tag, 1 paper doily)

    Roughly wallet size (4 x 2.5) so it can even just be carried in your pocket (you know, for your long hiking adventures)

    And only $28 (which is a steal for something leather and handmade)

    1 is ready to be shipped. If it’s sold out, there’s a made to order option!

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