the love parcel


They grow up so fast, I can’t stand it 😪

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Many moons ago, I decided to make the second volume to my zine, “We Who Were” open for submissions. It took more time than I anticipated to pull the whole thing together, but I finally have a finished product that I hope showcases the wonderful artists that took the time to send me their work.

We Who Were Volume II includes work from:

Chris Vargas 
Lisa Gree 
Esther Adaire 
Jordan Tiberio 
Holly Pearson 
Michelle S. 
Bridgette Annalyse 
Lindsay Watson 
PJ Charmichael 
The Love Parcel
& Anonymous Sources

We Who Were II is a collection of love letters, prose, photography, poetry, texts, emails, drawings, and journal entries all surrounding the themes of love lost, love remaining, and above all- love never to be forgotten.

The zine offers textures and layers and interactive elements that stray from the conventional zine form. My goal was to have this zine read as if it were a long lost art journal, papers found in the back of a junk drawer, or ancient life artifacts hidden in dusty boxes on hard to reach shelves.

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💧 dark & stormy day 💧

Toronto Friends! Any suggestions on cute things to do and see?! ❤️

Toronto Friends~

What are some cute places to go and see?

Sorry I’ve been a little quiet in regards to this project for the past month or so. ( I’m still working on replying to emails! ) I’ve recently started a new job, running an arts program at a center for people with really advanced Alzheimer’s. It’s an incredibly sad disease. In this work, I’ve met a Japanese man who speaks fluent Portuguese. The other day I asked him, “Why is the moon a woman?” And he said, “Because it is beautiful.”

"I don’t suppose I really know you very well - but I know you smell like the delicious damp grass that grows near old walls and that your hands are beautiful opening out of your sleeves and that the back of your head is a mossy sheltered cave when there is trouble in the wind and that my cheek just fits the depression in your shoulder."

I think it’s safe to say I’m obsessed with @lindsayannewatson ‘s art ❤️ If her zines aren’t sold out, you better snatch them while you can!