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I was wondering if you are going to do another we who were book. I love those alot c:

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Awe, thanks :3 I would personally love to do another edition. Are there people out there who would submit stuff for volume III?

I finally have a full day of nothing else to do but work on stuff for you guys ⭐️⭐️⭐️


Toronto with my love

Forest mail from Sarah

@adamjk very kindly surprised me with an advance copy of his book @1pageatatime ✨ It’s a creative companion with 384 pages of fun prompts/inspiration. It goes on sale in a month I believe but it’s available for preorder now at (or amazon). Pre order sales are really important in the book world so everyone should go do it now and you get a nice cool yellow ribbon too!

✨All orders have been shipped out✨

Longest car ride home 🚘

Good morning, Toronto 🍁

Working on the road ✂️Thank you so much for all the messages/comments suggesting things to do in Toronto! I didn’t have time to reply to everyone but I really appreciate it ✨✨

Whew. Okay so all orders have been sent out (including around 50 zines-thank you all) Some of you should be getting yours very soon. The only orders I’m still working on are the ones that included leather journals. They’re made to order and I’ve never had so many orders of them at the same time so I’m so sorry for the delay and thank you so much!!!!

Sneak peak at some new things coming ✨

Dead Tired 😴😴😴